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Endangered Future

Our and Earth's Future Endangered!

We Are Vulnerable! Fearful! Angry!

More than ever before in history, our and Earth's Current Vulnerable Future is bad. High vulnerability. Survival too little & ends too soon. Low thriving.

But a Survive Future is not good enough. High vulnerability. Survival extended but ends too soon. Low thriving.

Thrive! Future is best. Vulnerability minimized. Survival extended as long as habitable Earth. Full thriving for long term and all people and Earth.

Our Future? Not Be Vulnerable! Not Just Survive!

Our Future! We Make Human & Earth’s Future Thrive!

Join with Thrive! Endeavor® to build and sustain a thriving future. ThriveEndeavor.org


Future of human & earth surviving & thriving

Connecting and/or Working with Thrive!

If interested in avoiding an endangered future and connecting and/or working with Thrive! or want more info, please contact via:

     Send email ( Thrive@ThrivingFuture.org ) or

     Phone (301 318 3760). 



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Stop Endangering Our and Earth's Future by 

Minimizing Vulnerability & Maximizing Thriving

    In America and in the world today, we are all vulnerable to a greater or lesser extent. Walking the streets and roads, you see it in our faces and hear it in our voices. The vulnerability specter hangs as well over our families and friends every day. To an even greater extent, we will be vulnerable in the future unless we fix what is broken and build a survivable and thriving future.

    We need to minimize vulnerability via policies that stop forces that push us down to be more vulnerable and support forces that lift us out of vulnerability and toward thriving. 

    “We Are Vulnerable” is a local, national and global strategy to minimize vulnerability and maximize thriving. Vulnerability is what we are targeting to minimize. Thriving is what we are targeting to maximize. Thrive! is how we bring about the change. Our vision is one of thriving people, communities, countries, and world. See ThrivingFuture.org

    We have "next generation" knowledge and tools. We know how to design and operate human systems that support individuals and achieve our vision. We have information and tools to take complex, cross-cutting programs and tailor them as an integrated solution for each person consistent with multiple policy goals. We better understand human behavior and its determinants.

  To support minimizing vulnerability and maximizing thriving, "Thrive! - Building a Thriving Future" provides a strategic and operational framework. That framework helps identify the most vulnerable persons/populations. It helps develop and execute the most effective strategy and interventions for minimizing vulnerability and maximizing thriving. It also helps set a desired vulnerability/thriving status for persons, communities, America and beyond.  See ThrivingFuture.org

    The resulting operational strategy stops negative interventions and supports positive interventions.

    Thrive!®, as a strategic local, national and global approach, can and does reduce vulnerability if we have the wisdom and will. If we do and  apply them successfully, we achieve the sustainable vision of minimizing our vulnerability and maximizing our thriving.

current future ends badly    thrivng future ends, if ever, well
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