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Endangered Future!

Our and Earth's Future Endangered!

We Are Vulnerable! Fearful! Angry!

More than ever before in our history, our and Earth's Current Vulnerable Future is bad. High vulnerability. Survival too little & ends too soon. Low thriving.

But a Survive Future is not good enough. High vulnerability. Survival extended but ends too soon. Low thriving.

Thrive! Future is best. Vulnerability minimized. Survival extended as long as habitable Earth. Full thriving for long term and all people and Earth.

Our Future? Not Be Vulnerable! Not Just Survive!

Our Future! We Make Human & Earth’s Future Thrive!

Join with Thrive! Endeavor® to build and sustain a thriving future. ThriveEndeavor.org

New “Don’t Choose Early Extinction!” Video

As humans and many other creatures face early extinction and Earth is more and more damaged, the Whimseys Angel and Wiley come to Earth. They join the dinosaur at the United Nations who pleads with humans – “don’t choose extinction”. Angel and Wiley plead with humans to avoid early extinction. Plead that humans stop being selfish, shortsighted, and stupid. www.ThriveEndeavor.org www.EndangeredFuture.org www.Xtinct.org

Future of Human and Earth's Surviving and Thriving

Futures Video 

Future of Earth Surviving and Thriving 

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Gary "Chris" Christopherson  

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