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Why Endangered Future

Current Future - Bad future path to early extinction and great damage to Earth 

Why early extinction and great damage to Earth?

Too many people
Too much vulnerability
Too much poverty
Too much poor health
Too little good housing
Too much hunger
Too little good education
Too many people not developing well
Too much racial/ethnic and sex discrimination
Too much pollution in land, air and water
Too little food producing land remains
Too much natural habitat lost
Too much opportunity for pandemic viruses and bacteria
Too much carbon absorbing mechanisms being lost
Too much of Earth’s ice melting
Too much unstable, destructive climate
Too many and more severe storms
Too many species going extinct
Too much overuse of irreplaceable or limited national resources
Too much of Earth not sustainable
Too early extinction likely for humans and many other species
Too much damage to Earth (only planet that humans may and should have)

Thriving Future – Better future path to all thrive forever.

To avoid early extinction, we must choose thriving path now!

We must act positively now!

Thriving Future or Early Extinction
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